McCray is very close

Spring (Texas) Westfield safety Danny McCray felt like he was handcuffed this past weekend at the Texas 7-on-7 State Tournament. Instead of having the pads on and hitting hard like he traditionally does, he couldn't lay the wood because of the tournament rules.
"It does take away some of the intimidation factor," McCray, who is 6-foot ½ and 205 pounds, said. "People usually are scared to get him from a guy like me, but can't hit anybody out here. These types of games are fun. It's bad when you get beat and fun when you beat somebody.
"I just wish I could hit somebody, though."
McCray will get plenty of chances to do that this season. Westfield is once again loaded and looking to make another run to the state championship game. Last year Westfield lost to Tyler Lee in the Class 5A Division I title game. That loss still sticks with McCray and he's working hard at getting better.
"I'm working on my speed, power and reading plays better," McCray said.
"Coach sets out what the teams are going to do, and you have to study what's going to happen. We watch out for certain sets and tendencies. That study in the summer pays off during the season."
McCray says he's getting close to making a decision.
With offers from LSU, Texas Tech, Arizona, Arkansas, Houston and Oklahoma State and others, he could have a decision shortly.
"I'm kind of close," McCray said. "At the top are LSU and Texas Tech. They're both about the same."
So why are the Tigers and Red Raiders up there?
"I like LSU because it is close and I like the coaches," McCray said. "They seem really cool. It's the same thing about Texas Tech with the coaches. The only thing different is that I got to talk to the players.
"That helped a lot, but even with all that LSU is still up there."