McCoy excited about USC

Harrisburg (Pa.) Bishop McDevitt running back LeSean McCoy took his first official visit this past weekend and it couldn't have been further away as the nation's No. 1 running back tripped to Southern Cal. McCoy, one of the most heavily recruited players in the country this year, was hosted by USC superstar Reggie Bush. So how did it go?
"It was crazy," said McCoy. "I had a great time, it was out of this world. Everything was really cool and I got to hang out with a bunch of players. Reggie was a great host and I hung with Matt Leinhart and DJ (Dwayne Jarrett). I talked to Lendale (White) too about the offense, everything was really nice."
The game itself was a big part of the visit for McCoy.
"We got to see a lot of things and the game was awesome," he said. "That offense is amazing and the atmosphere was cool. They put up some crazy numbers in the first half and the crowd was into it. I hung out with Percy Harvin and we hit it off well. He's not as quiet as everyone thinks."
How did the atmosphere compare to other places?
"It wasn't crazy like Virginia Tech or Penn State, but it was a good crowd and the area is really nice. The weather is great too," he said. "It's different but it was good."
McCoy was also impressed with Leinhart's car.
"Man, he's got a nasty car," he said. "It's a Hummer and it's got everything -- TVs and all that. He told me to get in the front seat and I was just blown away. Those guys are like celebrities out there."
Overall, McCoy rated the trip a 9 on a 10-point scale.
"The distance is not a factor," he said. "There are east coast guys there like DJ and Brian Cushing and they say it's not an issue, that USC was right for them even though it was far from home. USC hasn't lost in almost two years and that offense is great for a running back. Talking to Reggie Bush about it and the rest of the guys who will most likely be leaving, they said it's a great place to be."
McCoy will be back on the road again this weekend as he plans to visit Virginia Tech on an official trip for their home game against Miami. He said he will also visit Alabama, Miami and Tennessee on official visits and has been to Penn State already around six times.
LeSean McCoy VideoClick Our interview was cut short because McCoy was on a plane headed back home and had to shut off his cell phone. Based on his excitment level, the Trojans made a very good first impression. Here to view this Link.