McClain adds three offers

Jacksonville (Fla.) Raines linebacker Ey'Shawn McClain entered the spring with offers from Florida International, Middle Tennessee, and Rutgers. Since the start of spring ball, his list has doubled in size.
"Some of the more recent ones for me are West Virginia, Louisville, and North Carolina," McClain said.
The 6-foot-1, 226-pound inside linebacker talked about each of his recent offers.

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West Virginia: "I was pretty interested in West Virginia, so getting that offer was big. I've been talking with them a lot recently and really building a relationship. I am trying to plan a visit to go up and see how the school is."
Louisville: "Coach Ron (Dugans) has been recruiting me. He has told me that their linebacker position isn't all that deep and that they need help there. He said that they need my size there. He also told me that if I go to Louisville I will get good coaching there. He said he would take me right now to go and play there. We also talk about school and my grades. He is just really nice."
North Carolina: "North Carolina was crazy because they were recruiting our quarterback, Samuel Smiley, last year and they came to a basketball game to visit him and that is when they saw me. After the game, they were talking to my coach and said they were interested in me because I play hard and I am physical. They said that if I can do that on the basketball court, he can only imagine what I do on the football field. So they came to our practice last week and afterwards told our coach that they were offering both of us, me and Ken (Kenneth Bynum)."
This summer McClain said he hopes to camp at Miami, West Virginia, as well as other schools.
At this stage in his recruitment, McClain claims no leaders or favorites.