Mbakogu Down to Two

We caught up with Hayward (Calif.) receiver Robert Jordan earlier today who told us that he and teammate Phillip Mbakogu
were going to spend the day and narrow things down in their recruitment. Tonight, Mbakogu said they’re down to a final two schools and a decision could be coming later in the week.
“It’s Cal and Oregon,” Mbakogu said. “Those were my final two and Robert’s final two as well. I’m pretty torn right now because I like both just about equal. I know Rob is favoring Cal just slightly but it’s close. I’m not really favoring either school, it’s a coin toss right now so I’ll just have to take the next couple of days to sort things out and try and figure out where the best place for me will be.”
Mbakogu tripped to LSU this past weekend and said he had a very good visit.
“It was great, LSU is an incredible school,” Mbakogu said. “The players were all real cool with me and I had a good time seeing the city and meeting a lot of new people. I toured the campus and saw the football facilities, which were pretty tight. The coaches were also impressive to talk with and I know the future of the program is about as good as it gets. They just won a National championship and with the players and coaches they have, they’ll probably win another one soon.
“The thing for me is I just want to stay in the West and play in the Pac 10. They throw the ball so much in the Pac 10 and I know I’ll have a chance to put up some numbers getting after the quarterback. That’s what I do best so now all I have to do is figure out if that will be at Cal or at Oregon.”