Mbakogu: Back From Kansas State

It was official visit No. 3 for Hayward (Calif.) defensive lineman Phillip Mbakogu . Mbakogu, 6-2, 260 pounds has already been to Notre Dame and Cal and took in Kansas State this past weekend.
“That’s big time football right there,” Mbakogu said. “They have some great athletes there and it was cool watching them practice. I like how hard they play and the coaches and players are all very intense. They have a great football program and it’s a nice little college town there where you don’t have to worry about a lot of distractions. You can just take care of your business on the field and in the classroom.
“Right now, Cal is still my top school. Notre Dame was cool and I liked Kansas State but the Cal visit is the only one where I was really wowed on the trip. I have Oregon on (Jan. 9) and LSU (Jan. 16) but I’m not sure if I’ll take both of them. I’m kind of getting tired of all this recruiting stuff. I do want to check out Oregon but that could be it. The plan is still for me, Robert (Jordan), Marshawn Lynch and Virdell Larkins to go to the same school and Cal is looking good for all of us right now.”
Mbakogu is one of the nation’s top 100 players and has the versatility to play inside or outside in college. He’s a talented speed rusher and has the ability to step in and play immediately at the next level.