Maybin not done with recruiting yet

Rumor has swirled across the internet the last few days that Ellicot City (Md.) Mt. Hebron defensive end Aaron Maybin made a commitment to Penn State on his unofficial trip to State College this past weekend. Rivals finally caught up with the 6-foot-3, 211-pounder after his busy weekend to find out the truth.
"I haven't given a commitment anywhere yet," he said. "That was actually a rumor that got started before the game did. I think I'm pretty close to making a decision probably in the next few days though. I've got to still research a few things, talk to the coaching staffs and then come to a conclusion. Hopefully I'll make a good decision after looking at all the information. I plan to have a press conference at the very latest by the end of next week to announce my decision."
Maybin is down to Florida, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina State and Maryland.

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Last weekend the three-star prospect enjoyed a trip to Happy Valley for the Nittany Lions upset victory.
"That game was one of the most amazing games I've ever been to or had the privilege to be around," he said. "It was a great game all the way through and you can't ask for much more than that. Both squads had great defensive ends and Penn State's made one of the biggest plays to end the game with that sack. That was exciting from my standpoint to see them use those schemes out there.
"The atmosphere in there was electric. It was such a big rivalry and so competitive and aggressive. Both teams knocked each other around and it was a tough hard-nosed game. That's what you want to see."
The visit certainly helped the Nittany Lions chances for the No. 10 weakside defensive end.
"The win definitely boosts them up a lot because being there to experience it shows you things about their character and program," he said. "Ohio State scored first and they came back and won, so it boosts them up a bit, but a lot of the teams I'm looking at have been playing well so I have to put it in perspective. This was just a very exciting game I had to go see and it was a good experience."
With a decision coming in the next week, many would suspect that Penn State is the likely recipient of Maybin's services.
"You never know, we went this route doing an early decision because we wanted to get it out of the way with all of this online speculation of where I'm going," he said. "My family and I feel we have enough information about each of the schools to make a sound decision that would be beneficial for me. Right now, I couldn't even tell you who my favorite is. I like all my finalists very much and have good relationships with all the coaching staffs. We'll see what happens."
The only other question that remains for the No. 11 prospect in Maryland is whether he'll take his officials to Virginia Tech on November 4th and Florida on November 25th.
"I don't know if I will or not," he said. "It all depends where I commit to as I know I'll definitely be taking one there. I may still take those other two officials too, we'll see."
Maybin and his Mt. Hebron teammates played in a tough game themselves Friday night against Hammond.
"We ended up winning the game 8-7," he said. "It was crazy since it had been raining two days straight here and there was about six inches of rain on the field by halftime. It was muddy and then the lights went out and the game got postponed. I made a couple big plays in the game especially towards the end."