Maulauga down to two

The time frame on a decision for Eureka (Calif.) linebacker Rey Maualuga is inching closer and could in fact come at any time now. Two Pac 10 schools have made the cut.
"It's USC or Oregon," Maualuga said. "I recently eliminated Nebraska. I was going to make my decision at one of the two all-star games, CaliFlorida or the Army game but my parents are kind of hoping I get it out of the way sooner because they're getting tired of all the phone calls.
"I've basically decided but no one other than my family knows what I'm going to do. I'm done with the home visits. Both head coaches have already come in and last week, Coach Aliotti from Oregon and coach Davis from USC were in our house. It's been a fun process but I think it could be time to end things here so we'll see what happens. When I feel ready to get this over, I just call the coach from the school and let him know unless I still decide to wait until one of the all star games."

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Maualuga, 6-3, 245 pounds is one of the nation's elite 'backer prospects and could see the field early in his college career.