Matthews looking for exposure

Alex Matthews does not have a lot of junior season highlight film because he was a backup to Austin Kent at Lake Oswego, Ore., last season but the 6-foot-3, 205-pound recruit proved to be a big-time player at the Los Angeles NIKE Camp last weekend and hopes to continue playing well over the next few months.
Matthews said he plans to attend Elite 11 workouts in Athens, Ga., and Berkeley, Calif., and compete at the respective NIKE Camps those weekends in an effort to get more publicity.
He is also scheduling one-day camp stops across the West Coast with Washington, Washington State, Colorado, USC, UCLA and others being strongly considered.
"I'm going to be doing a lot of one-day camps, I'm going up to Washington and Washington State, and I'll make the rounds," Matthews said.
"I'll do some of these NIKE camps as well. I'll go to Colorado, probably UCLA and then we'll see how it pans out over the summer but I'm still scheduling right now.
"I think Colorado is a big one for me right now. There has been that verbal contact. I'm not really concerned about offers right now because I haven't started a varsity game so this is my chance to show myself before I start playing on Friday nights and proving what I can do then."
Since Matthews doesn't have much junior season film it's difficult to publicize himself and in turn get the attention of college coaches. That's one reason why this off-season is so important but also why the Oregon prospect isn't stressing things too much yet.
There is still a lot of time before he has to make his decision and coaches might want to wait to see him at summer camp and then during his senior year before making the decision to offer or not.
"It's a little difficult right now because a lot of kids my age have that experience and they've proved themselves on game film," Matthews said. "I don't have a lot of game film right now and that's what coaches want to see."