Massive Peach State OL names leaders

Coutrney abbot 3150
Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake offensive tackle Courtney Abbott has formed a top five list heading into his senior season and is also naming a leader.
“My top five is Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, Clemson and Auburn,” he said. “Those are the schools that I like the most for their coaches and the football atmosphere, the fan base.
“Georgia is the strongest one right now. It’s the closest to home where my mom and my people can come see me play. That’s real important to me. I’m a big family man. I had a chance to go see a game there last season, and the atmosphere was unreal. That’s football country. The fans were crazy. I get hyped for fans like that. That’s when I play my best.”
Abbott (6-9, 335, 5.35) said Michigan and Virginia are currently the closest to Georgia on his list due to their coaches. “I love the attention they’ve given me while they’ve recruited me,” he said. “They’re real good guys. If I was going to go away from here to play, that would help. I love that stadium at Michigan, too. I want to play there someday, either with them or against them.”
He said he’s also got a few schools on the radar with a chance to eventually crack his top five. They include LSU, Ohio State, Florida, Miami and Cincinnati. The Bearcats, seemingly an unusual fit alongside the other national powers, made the list due to the presence of family members in the city.
He does not have a time table for a decision, only that he hopes to make "a few" visits before that time.
Abbott’s recruitment is important on two levels. In addition to being one of the South’s finest linemen, he’s also a teammate and close friend of another prime prospect, Michael Brown. The two players have discussed the possibility of playing together on the next level.
Academically, Abbott maintains a 2.3 GPA and has scored an 860 on the SAT. He is working to improve those marks, but projects as a full qualifier.