Massive junior OL ready for big time

NEW ORLEANS - Every year you can count on the state of Louisiana producing plenty of big men. For the class of 2007, none may be bigger than New Orleans (La.) Landry offensive tackle Alex Williams.
"I really don't have any weaknesses," Williams said. "I am a dominating pass blocker and run blocker. I fire off the ball hard, I love to pancake guys on the field, it's fun pushing those guys around. I watch some film, but I like to dominate on the field."
The 6-foot-6, 275-pound Williams runs the 40-yard dash in 5.3 seconds and is expected to be one of the top players in Louisiana next year.

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"I really like run blocking a lot, it's all about pushing them down and dominating them," Williams said. "In pass blocking you can't be as aggressive so I don't like that. There are some plays where I pull and catch a linebacker or a safety and that is a lot of fun."
The secret on Williams is already out and he has already become popular with college coaches around the country.
"I am getting stuff from Miami, UCLA, Clemson, LSU, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Ole Miss and a bunch of others," Williams said. "I'm not real worried about schools and stuff like that right now. I'm just concentrating on my school work and season right now."
Landry head coach Derek LaMothe says he tried to tell Williams that he was going to be big time at a young age and that a day would come when he would be a big time recruit.
"I got him as a freshman and since them he has become really committed and his focus has changed," LaMothe said. "He wasn't developed at all and some of the assistants around here really helped him with his movement and footwork. He's going to get stronger, he's got a lot of room to grow still."
Williams says once he started to believe his coach that he saw he had an opportunity to get a free education down the road.
"Coach has been telling me that this was going to happen and I guess it's here now," Williams said. "He said people was going to want to interview me and that colleges were going to come after me."