Massive 2012 lineman has first offer

It promises to be a big year in the city of Memphis for the class of 2012. Among the talented class ready to emerge, the biggest prospect - literally - is Memphis (Tenn.) Manassas lineman Brandon Hill. Hill stands a massive 6-foot-6 and 362 pounds and this summer he landed his first scholarship offer from Southern Miss.
"It felt good," Hill said of picking up the offer at the Southern Miss camp. "The whole ride to the house from the field I had a smile on my face. I was calling everyone."
Hill had a familiarity with the program through his former teammate O.C. Brown, a signee with the USM 2010 class. He also was able to take a visit for a USM junior day and enjoyed his experience.

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"When I went there for the junior day, it sounds like it was a good program and I wouldn't mind being a part of it," he said. "The camp was good. I did good in the one-on-ones. They just told me that I had to keep my weight down a little bit."
Though Hill's measurements sound extreme, he is a surprisingly svelte 362 pounds. There aren't many rising juniors anywhere in the country that are as impressive on the hoof as Hill.
"I'm not a sloppy 362," he said. "I'm a toned 362. When I tell them I weigh 362 pounds they say I look like I'm weighing 315. I'll probably lose weight during the season and basketball. During the season, I'll probably weigh about 320 pounds."
Appropriately, Hill loves moving the pile and clearing the way for his running backs in the ground game. With his size and weight, it's not much fun for opposing defensive linemen in the fourth quarter.
"I love run blocking," he said. "When I'm on defense I just love bull rushing my opponent in front of me. I've been playing football ever since I was five."
Hill has a chance to play football a lot longer too due to his size and accompanying athleticism. In fact, when he was touring the Alabama campus on a junior day, some current Alabama players in the weight room assumed that he was an incoming freshman rather than a rising junior.
The Crimson Tide is one of several other programs that have shown interest in Hill along with Southern Miss. Memphis and Mississippi State are also included in that group. As Hill continues to polish his technique and shape his body, that list will likely grow extensively.