Massie names a top three

Lynchburg (Va.) Liberty Christian Academy offensive tackle Bobby Massie has a top three. Who is the 6-foot-8, 335-pounder leaning towards and why?
"My top three are Georgia, Clemson and Virginia Tech," he said. "I'm not really favoring any one of those; they are just my top three. I like those schools because of the coaches, campuses and programs in general. Each year all three of them have a shot at the national championship."
Even though he claims a top three, Massie maintains he's considering all schools still.

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"I'm still looking around," he said. "North Carolina has been talking to me a lot and they said they haven't seen my film yet and haven't given that many scholarships out, but did say once they see my tape they'll think about offering.
"Honestly, I don't know that much about their program. I know their coaches have made some first round draft picks and Butch Davis used to coach in the NFL and at Miami. That is big because he's got connections in the NFL and has been at that level. I think he's a good coach."
Back to his leaders, Massie discussed what stands out about the Bulldogs, Tigers and Hokies.
"I've been in touch with coach Searels from Georgia and talk to him a whole lot. He told me about the offensive line at LSU with Joseph Addai and how much better they were when he was there. I also like the idea of playing for coach Richt. He's done really well for years," he said. "Clemson is up there because of coach Scott. He's put a lot of linemen in the league.
"In addition, they lost two games by one point last year and would have played in the ACC championship if it weren't for that. I also like coach Napier. I talked to him for a long time the other day about what they can do for me academically with their graduation rate of 84%. I like the campus too. It's not too small and it's in the country so there won't be a focus on parties instead, I can focus on my work.
"Finally, Virginia Tech is the in-state school and they are really close to home. That means my family can come see me play. I also have known coach Stinespring for awhile. I talked to him recently and he discussed how they have a need for me and how successful I'd be there since they are playing a lot of freshman and sophomore linemen. I like the fact they've had three 10 win seasons in a row and I'd get a chance to block for Tyrod Taylor too."
Massie plans to attend a couple more camps in the coming weeks.
"I'm going to Virginia Tech on Saturday and then next Saturday I'm headed to North Carolina," he stated. "At Virginia Tech, I want to see the offense and meet coach Newsome, Stinespring and Beamer to talk about football, what I can do there, how I fit in and about getting my degree.
"I want to find out more about the program at North Carolina. I've only been there for basketball games."
Meanwhile, the two-star prospect is in the process of improving his academic standing.
"Summer school is going good," he said. "I'm taking some classes and after this class and another one I have to retake from ninth grade year I should be back on track."