Massie adds an offer

Offensive tackle Bobby Massie out of Lynchburg (Va.) Liberty Christian Academy added a new offer over the weekend while attending camp on Saturday. The 6-foot-8, 335-pounder headed to Chapel Hill for the scholarship.
"North Carolina went really good," he said. "I had been there before, this was my third time. There wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. It's a beautiful campus and the weather was real nice down there.
"This time, I just worked with the offensive line coach and it was really good. He was like my offensive line coach up here. During camp, we did the same kind of drills we do here."
What did Massie think of the Tar Heels offensive line coach, Sam Pittman?
"I liked him a lot," he stated. "He's a real cool dude to talk to and likes to joke around. They are looking at me on the offensive line.
"I also go tot work with coach Blake and talk to coach Browning. Coach Davis wasn't there since he had an ACC meeting, but he brought in a really good staff. They have five Super Bowls combined. It's amazing."
Does the latest offer for Massie change up his list of favorites?
"Definitely North Carolina is a school I'm considering," he said. "Now I have a top four instead of a top three to go along with Virginia Tech, Georgia and Clemson."
The two-star lineman went on to discuss his leaders at this time.
"I would say Georgia is leading right now," he said. "When I went down there, I liked the relationship I had with the coaches. I talk to them once a week on the phone and what coach Richt has done since he's gotten there taking them to bowl games is great. It's also a wonderful chance to play in the SEC.
"Right up there with Georgia is Clemson. I have a chance to come in and play early. I got that chance at all of these schools. They've got a good coach and I like the offense, it's very similar to the one we run at my school. The environment down there is nice too. It's a small town allowing me to focus on my academics.
"I went to Virginia Tech last week and I'd probably say they are No. 3. They are my home state school and the coaches have been there a long time. They also want me to play offense or defense. The chance to play on the No. 1 defense in the country is real good."
What is next for Massie?
"That's all the visits I'm taking this summer," he said. "Now I've got to talk to those schools about official visits this fall.
"I'm also hearing that Penn State is talking about possibly offering. My coach has been in touch with them."