Massey talks Ohio State-Michigan

It doesn’t get any bigger than Ohio State and Michigan’s battle this weekend in the Big House. And the battle to land four-star defensive end Michael Massey of Cleveland St. Ignatius is also a big battle between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines.
So with the game looking like it could go either way, Rivals100.com went to Massey to see who he thought would win the game.
“I’m expecting a really good game,” Massey, who is 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, said. “It will be an awesome atmosphere and an awesome game. I’m a lucky to get to see the game and be there to experience it.”

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Ok, ok, so who’s going to win Michael?
“They match up so well,” Massey, ranked as the nation’s No. 7 strongside defensive end, said. “Both have some weak areas that they could exploit and both have their strengths that should be advantages for them. I just think last year that Ohio State had the edge – especially mentally and physically. This year, I don’t know.
“I think it’s a game that’s completely even and could go either way.”
Massey, however, admits that he’s going to be rooting for the Wolverines this weekend.
“I have to root for my brother,” Massey said. “I’ll be rooting for Michigan because of my brother.”
Of course, the Michigan coaches probably wouldn’t like to see Massey rooting for the Bucks while sitting in their recruit section. But also don’t get too carried away with the cheering of the Wolverines, Massey was at Ohio State this past weekend and he was encouraging the Buckeyes to their big win over Purdue.
When it comes to recruiting, Massey continues to say it’s a dead heat between OSU and Michigan. After already having a Michigan visit set for December 12, Massey has lined up Boston College for December 5 and Ohio State for January 9.
“I’ll decide some time after the first of the year now,” Massey said. “It’s going to be a tough decision.”