Mason lighting up the scoreboard

Hutson Mason is a three-star quarterback prospect off to a five-star start. Mason has led his Lassiter High School team in Marietta, Ga. to a 4 and 0 start. During that span he has completed 74% of his passes for 1,118 yards, 12 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Last week in a 42-3 win over Campbell Mason threw for 450 yards (30/39) and four scores.
"I also had two called back," Mason said. "I threw a 75-yard touchdown pass and one of 35 yards. Honestly, I couldn't have written a better start. Last season I missed state record by five yards but my coach said I broke the state record single game passing record this past week for 5A."
Mason also just returned from his first official visit. He just got back to Atlanta from Western Michigan.

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"It went real well and I enjoyed the visit a lot. I spent time with the coaches and players. It's going to be a tough decision to make. They have an open spot for quarterbacks and I can come in and compete. I think it's a great fit just not sure if it's the best fit. I need to sit down with my family. I like the fact that their quarterback coach is a younger guy who played in this offense at Western Michigan. That's a unique situation, being a younger coach who played here four years ago. So in that respect I know it will be easy to communicate with him. Also, my high school coach (Chip Lindsey) talks real highly of Western Michigan."
Strangely, Mason kind of sits in limbo right now. He had a scholarship offer from Iowa but they withdrew it. Then Mason thought the Wolfpack were going to offer but they never did.
"UAB has offered and I know I need to get back down there and see them. I have nothing else set up and I have not really talked with anyone else.
"It's been a little dead for me in regards with recruiting and I am kind of confused as too what the coaches don't see in me. N.C. State said I was their No. 1 guy out of camp and that they were going to offer. Now I can't even get them to call me back.
"Iowa withdrew their offer and said they were going only after A.J. Derby. They want him as a quarterback and he's an in-state kid. They pulled mine away to show him how badly they want him. I guess I understand but at the same time I am doing my part, putting numbers up and I can't get a straight answer from anyone."
This week Lassiter takes on Wheeler. Look for Mason to continue to light up the score board and put up huge numbers. It's only a matter of time before more teams take notice.