Mason juggles two sports

Waxahachie, Texas linebacker Gary Mason is trying to balance the football off-season and AAU basketball all at the same time with spring football around the corner.
The 6-foot-5, 211-pounder, when he's not on the basketball court, is trying to sort through all of the mail from schools interested in his football abilities. Mason says that he hasn't picked up his first scholarship offer yet and maintains that he's open to all of the schools at this point.
"I like all of them," Mason said about all the school showing interest which include Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Boston College, and Texas Tech to name a few. "It's hard right now because I'm in basketball and it takes up all of my time.

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"Baylor wants me to come for one of their junior days. I think its either this weekend or next."
Mason says that he was also trying to get down to Texas for their junior day but was unable to attend because of basketball playoffs.
"My coach keeps me updated with all of the letters that come," Mason said. "I'm supposed to be getting some more mail this week."
Mason says that he may get a chance to play some receiver this year which could open up his options for a position at the college level.
"Some people may look at me there," Mason said. "But, everybody is recruiting me as a linebacker right now."
So will he try to play both sports at the college level? Mason says it depends on the situation.
"I'm not sure," he said. "It depends if I get an offer from a school I like and which sport they offer me."
Mason says he looks to hit some camps this summer but isn't sure of which ones he'll definitely make for sure.