Masina collecting first impressions

With 10 major scholarship offers already in his pocket, 2015 prospect [db]Osa Masina[/db] has some traveling to do this offseason. All of his upcoming visits, of course, will be of the unofficial variety, but that doesn't make them any less important.
The four-star junior is hitting the road in search of first impressions and has a few destinations already in mind.
"Me and my mom and my grandparents are talking about some schools we want to go visit," Masina said. "I want to get out to California, just so I can see a whole number of schools. You know, Stanford, UCLA and USC. We are going to try to hit all of those. I want to go try to see Oklahoma, too."

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The travel burden isn't totally on Masina, though. Plenty of coaches will also come to him. The word on the four-star athlete has been out for some time and it has high-level college assistants making the trip to Utah's Brighton High School.
"I think there are some coaches coming this week and next week," Masina said. "They are coming to watch a basketball game because I also play basketball or they are just going to come to the school and talk."
Masina expects to see coaches from Michigan in the coming week. Before Washington received word of its coaching shakeup, members of [db]Steve Sarkisian[/db]'s staff were also scheduled to stop by. Whatever the case, though, Masina will soon see his share of coaches roaming the hallways of his high school. Of that he's certain.
"They usually just let me know a week ahead of time," he said.
UCLA, Utah and Wisconsin are the schools Masina says are in the most frequent contact. He doesn't mind discussing which programs are recruiting him hardest, but as far as favorites go …
"I don't have a top three or anything right now," he said. "In the future, Ill narrow it down to five or three. Then I'll go on officials and end up picking one."
Masina, who is likely to play linebacker in college, intends to participate in the Under-Armour Underclassmen Combine in Orlando this January but has not set those plans in stone.