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Martinez still contemplating decision

Salt Lake City Cottonwood offensive center John Martinez has a lot to think about over the next few days. The 6-foot-2, 264-pound four-star prospect is going through this week's practices for the Under Armour All-American Game with a big decision weighing on him.
He is scheduled to make his college commitment live during Sunday evening's contest. He says that he has it narrowed down to three schools.
"I'm still planning to announce on Sunday," Martinez said. "I'm choosing between LSU, USC and UCLA. I've taken official visits to all three schools already."
Martinez says that all three schools offer different positives and they each have their own reasons for possibly being the right fit for him.
"The thing about LSU is that I could be known as one of the Polynesians that went down South and made it big," he said. "With USC, I think their style and their play matches me. With UCLA, you can't go wrong there. I just think that it's a good place and a good environment. A degree from there is really nice."
Those three finalists look a lot like Martinez's fellow Utah offensive lineman and good friend Xavier Su'a Filo's list. He says the two often talk about schools but they are not necessarily a package deal.
"We always talk about, 'What do you think of this school?' and, 'What do you think of that school?'" Martinnez said of the two standouts. "Us playing together, it all depends on what each of us is looking for in the end. He and I used to talk about going to the same school a lot, but not as much anymore."
With an announcement just two days away, one would expect Martinez to know where he plans to choose. However, as of Friday afternoon, he says that is not the case.
"I honestly don't know," Martinez said. "I came here to the Under Armour game to see what other players think of the schools. I've been asking the commits of all three schools what they thought the highlights were and everything."
Other prospects seem to tire of getting the hard sell from their fellow participants, but Martinez welcomes and seeks out the input.
"They're all trying to convince me," he said. "They all try and talk me into it, but that's what I wanted. I wanted them to tell me what their perspective was. It's kind of even between the three schools as far as who is trying to sell me the hardest."
Martinez is ranked by Rivals.com as the No. 85 overall prospect in the country and the No. 2 center.