Martin likes trip, says no leader

One of the nation’s top defensive tackles has taken his first official visit, and it looks like Mesquite, Texas, standout Marco Martin is in the verge of several other key visits.
“I really like Texas A&M this weekend,” Martin said about his official visit to see the Aggies beat Oklahoma State this past weekend. “I really liked the crowd. Man, they were so great. Did you see the Red, White and Blue Out? That was pretty cool.”
Another thing that impressed Martin about A&M was that the school is known for its good business and veterinary school. He’s torn between which major he wants to pursue in college.
When asked to rate the visit on a scale from one to 10, Martin said he would give the visit an eight.
"It was a good time," he said. "We were always eating or going someplace different. I'm still tired."
But the visit to College Station isn’t his last. He’s set to visit Tennessee this weekend and is also going to visit Texas and Florida State for sure. His final visit will either be to USC or Miami.
“I want to have all of my visits done by December,” he said. “That way I go ahead and get this done. I haven’t set up any other visits other than Tennessee, but I told Texas that I would visit them last.”
Does that make the Horns the leader?
“No, not really,” Martin said. “I don’t have a leader, but I just told the coaches when we started this whole thing that I would give them the last visit, and I’m keeping my word.”