Martin could announce Saturday

ORLANDO, Fla. - Boilingbrook, Ill., running back Dale Martin could be getting ready for more than the East Meets West All-American game Saturday.
Martin, the four-star prospect, may be committing to the school of his choice as well.
"I am really thinking about committing at the game Saturday," Martin said. "My mother is coming down soon and I want to talk it over with her first. If we feel it is best, then I could make my decision Saturday."
That decision will come between four schools – Tennessee, Iowa, Louisville, and Florida. One of those, according to Martin, is leading.
"I would say Louisville leads right now," Martin said. "I went down to Louisville and I really enjoyed it. I like the players, the coaches, the surroundings, and things like that.
"I know if I went to Louisville, then I have a chance to play quickly and that really stands out to me."
Martin also says that Iowa is high on his list as well.
"It is going to be a tough decision, but I know I will choose the right school," Martin said.
As for his week of practice at the East Meets West All-American game, Martin feels that things have been successful for the most part.
"I think I am doing well this week," said Martin. "It is all about adjustments here with all this talent. A lot of times I could always cut back and make an easy run, but that is hard to do out here with all this speed."
Martin likes who he is lining up with this week.
"It is a lot of fun playing with all this talent too. Playing with a 6-foot-5 quarterback is a lot of fun. I wish I would have a few of them in high school. It is cool to know that you can rely on everyone too because then all you have to worry about is doing your job."
The one thing that Martin feels good about is having good coaching on the East team.
"Our head coach used to coach running backs, so he has taught me a lot this week," he said. "I will take everything he has taught me on to the next level and it will make me better."