Martin and the MRI

A chop block during Mesquite's class 5A Division I Texas state championship game caused Marco Martin to fall to the ground, leave the game and never return.
It was thought that the 6-foot-4, 300-pound blue chip defensive tackle had either a torn ACL or MCL.
To determine the extent of such injuries, usually a magnetic resonance imaging (also known as a MRI) is taken.
Martin was hoping to take such a test on Monday, but the health care system is not that simple.
"We didn't get the MRI done today," Martin said a few moments ago. "We couldn't get the referral from the insurance company in time."
But don't fret too much for Martin.
Not only is his MRI now set for Thursday, but he's also still taking calls from every university that had been recruiting him prior to the injury.
As a matter of fact, Southern Cal was on the other line when Martin answered the phone tonight.
Martin says he is still considering USC, Tennessee, Miami, Florida, Texas and Texas A&M.