Martell is planning busy summer

Tate Martell has been committed to Washington since March 2013 but plenty of programs are recruiting him, sending him letters and want him at summer camp.
The 2017 quarterback from Poway, Calif., is expected to hit the road in a big way this summer and could be taking a lot of trips to schools across the country.
"I've gotten a lot of letters lately," Martell said. "I've been hearing from 10-15 schools.
"I have letters from Nebraska, Michigan State, Florida State, Miami, pretty much a lot of schools are sending out stuff so I can get to their camps. I have to decide which schools I want to see. I'm not sure yet."
The 5-foot-11, 180-pound quarterback does not have a set schedule yet but there are specific schools Martell wants to see and camps he plans to attend.
"I'll probably be going to the local ones - USC and UCLA," Martell said. "I'm going to Oregon for sure. I'll be going to Washington's camp down here (in Southern California) so I'll be there.
"Without a doubt I really want to go see Texas A&M. When I'm out there I'm going to Texas, too, and I might stop at Baylor if I have time."
Recruiting has picked up for Martell and many programs have reached out but the Poway recruit said his commitment to the Huskies remains firm. He recently talked with the Washington staff and things look good at this point.
"I just talked to coach (Chris) Petersen and coach (Jonathan) Smith," Martell said. "That's one of the first times I talked to them since they've been up there.
"I really like the coaches a lot. I can't wait to watch next season to see how everything goes because I really liked them at Boise State before. It will be fun to watch."