Marcus discusses upcoming plans

Jamal Marcus is one of the most highly sought after prospects in North Carolina and coaches from all over the country are waiting to find out which schools will still be in play when he narrows his list.
Marcus, a 6-foot-2, 219-pound defensive end from Durham (N.C.) Hillside, has been talking about trimming his list for a little while now and he insists the time for that is rapidly approaching. He's not putting a date on when he plans to trim his list but said it won't be too long.
What does he have scheduled in the meantime?

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"I'm visiting East Carolina tomorrow with a couple of my teammates," Marcus said on Saturday.
"I might take a trip to Alabama and probably Auburn again after that. I want to go to Clemson, too."
Auburn has long been rumored to be the school to beat for Marcus and he's not exactly denying that.
"I'd still say they're at the top," Marcus admitted. "I don't really have a list but they're up there."
He also mentioned a few other schools that he's still giving a lot of consideration to.
"You've got Florida, Notre Dame, Clemson, Georgia Tech, UNC and there's some others, too," he added.