Mangiro to visit Pac 10 schools

While plenty of prestigious schools close to home have offered Angelo Mangiro, the 6-foot-3, 290-pound offensive guard wants to take a trip out west over the summer.
Mangiro told Rivals.com on Tuesday that he's hoping to visit a couple of Pac 10 schools that have been recruiting him for a while.
"I want to try to make a trip out to California to see some schools out there this summer," he said. "I'd like to go to USC and Stanford."

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Both the Trojans and Cardinal have offered Mangiro, as have schools from every other part of the country. Mangiro hasn't been too busy of late but he did have a chance to check out one of those schools that's closer to home.
"I was at Boston College last weekend," he recalled. "It was good. I had heard a lot of things about it. I was there for their spring game and it was a good trip."
Earlier in the spring Mangiro visited Maryland, Penn State, Pittsburgh and Ohio State.
"I don't have anything planned for the summer yet. I'm waiting to find out when vacation will be and when workouts are. I don't want to miss workouts because I'm out on a visit. I'll probably mostly just do unofficial visits (and not camps) this summer."
As far as whether he has any favorites, Mangiro said he wanted to "keep that between (he) and his family," because he doesn't want to upset any coaches that might be recruiting him.
His plan is to narrow his list down to three at some point this fall or later and take official visits to each of those schools.