Making an impression

Some times communication via cell phone can be complicated. Despite losing five-star junior college linebacker Louis Holmes on his cell phone three different times, it still is crystal clear that Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans don't have any lines crossed with the nation's top juco player.
"I met today with coach Carroll," Holmes said.
"It was really cool. I had a good chance to talk to him on the official visit, and it was fun to visit with him again today."

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Holmes said the talk centered around the Trojans' need for an impact defensive lineman.
"He told me about the need for a defensive end to be able to come play right away," Holmes said. "He told me that I am talented enough to be an impact for them. I tell you what, it's a pretty appealing pitch to hear."
So appealing that instead of heading to Florida this weekend on an official visit, Holmes said he's going to make a return visit to USC for a second visit, this time an unofficial visit. He took his visit back on October 7.
"I'm probably going to take my visit to Florida the weekend after that," Holmes said.
But make no mistake about it, there appears to be gap widening between No. 1 USC and everybody else. Holmes, a December graduate, said he's inching closer and closer toward a final decision.