Major makes major changes

Parker (Colo.) Ponderosa inside linebacker Jon Major is down to seven and in the next few weeks will be down to a final five.
After reducing his list recently to Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin, Major said today that he's now down to Colorado, Michigan, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and Wisconsin.
Major, the top player in Colorado and a four-star prospect, said he named his schools in alphabetical order and aren't an indication of importance.

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"I will be making calls over the next few days to set up visits and will have a final five before we put on pads in a couple of weeks," Major said. "This week is informal conditioning. Next week we have a skills camp, and then the following week I think the 13th is the official start of practice. I can't wait for the start of practice. We should be real good this year."
Major said each of his final seven schools have something important that he likes about them. He broke down each school and what some of the strengths are about each place.
At Colorado, he said Boulder itself is a major draw. He also said he likes the coaches there.
"I really like Dan Hawkins, my position coach, Brian Cabral, and his linebacker tradition," Major said. "I also have the opportunity to contribute early, and they have a real energized program."
What about Michigan?
"Michigan has a great football tradition, and they have a great academic standing," Major said. "I also like the program support, the opportunity to contribute early, and the current strength of the program. I also like Lloyd Carr and the coaching staff."
Northwestern is high on his list because of the Wildcats' strong academics.
"I also like Pat Fitzgerald, and he was a great linebacker when he was in college," Major said. "I also like the family atmosphere and the players' relationships with the coaches. I also have an opportunity to play early there, and it's in the Big 10."
Major likes Oklahoma because of the Sooners' great football tradition.
"I like the current strength of the program," he said. "I also like my position coach, Brent Venables, and his linebacker tradition. Oklahoma also has a lot of program support, and there is also an opportunity contribute early there."
At Oregon, he likes Duck coach Mike Bellotti and the Ducks coaches.
"I also like the town of Eugene, Ore.," Major said. "They also have a very good entrepreneurial undergraduate program, and I like the family atmosphere and the players' relationship with coaches."
One of Tennessee's big draws is the SEC and Phillip Fulmer, but they're not the only reasons the Vols made the cut.
"I really like the football tradition at Tennessee," he said. "They also have a lot of support for the program, and I like coach Fulmer and coach Chavis and the coaching staff."
Major likes Wisconsin because of the town of Madison itself and other things like the opportunity to contribute early.
"I also like my position coach up there, Dave Doeren, and his approach to coaching up linebackers," Major said. "They also have a high academic standing, and I would have an opportunity to contribute early there."