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Maitland enjoys official to NC State

North Carolina State had quite a few visitors this past weekend including two from Oakland Park (Fla.) Northeast in four-star running back Bo Williams and his teammate and friend, fullback Jim Maitland. The 6-foot-1, 235-pounder took his first official of the season to Raleigh and had a good experience.
"It was a really good visit and I liked the school," he said. "I'm definitely going to take all my visits, but I like what they had to offer and I'm going to keep NC State in mind.
"I got there on Friday around 12:30 and they took us around the football complex, academic areas and showed us what they players go through. I also was able to meet the coaches including the strength coach and more."
Maitland spent time with his host on the trip, Willie Young.
"It was real nice to be with him," he said. "He definitely answered whatever I asked him and said straight up that he really likes it there. He went on to say that if you want to make it to the next level, NC State is a good place to do it at because a lot of players get recruited here to the NFL."
Besides spending time with players, Maitland was able to meet up with the coaches.
"I talked to Tom Stroud and Chuck Amato a bit," he said. "Coach Stroud talked about how well they take care of their players up here and they'll give you whatever you need. I felt a real relief talking to him since I've lived in Florida my whole life."
The Florida prospect was impressed with what he saw out of the Wolfpack in their game against Boston College.
"I definitely have never been to a game like that," he said. "The crowd and fans were great and very nice. It was real crazy when they won and I couldn't imagine if the game was packed full.
"On the field, I know they have just started to use the fullback, but the coaches told me they plan to use them more in the coming years. I was fine with that since by the time I get there I'll work hard and get in to play."
Maitland rated his trip an eight out of ten.
"It was definitely an eight," he said. "Mainly I'd say that because of the location. I'm used to being in a city my whole life and it's a little bit out of town in the woods. Other than that though, everything was fine on the trip."
Currently North Carolina State is Maitland's only offer, but he is already looking at a couple other schools to potentially visit in the future.
"I do like Pittsburgh and Colorado and I think I'll be headed there with Bo sometime in the future as Bo and I want to play on the same team," he said. "Pittsburgh and Colorado's coaches are monitoring my season and if I do well I should get an offer, if I don't then I'll likely head up to NC State."