Mahina checks out Oregon

Upland (Calif.) tight end Devin Mahina took his second official visit of the year this past weekend to Oregon. Mahina has already visited Colorado and has two more lined up before it's decision time.
Mahina, 6-6, 230 pounds is a talented tight end prospect that could also play on the defensive line in college. UCLA and BYU were the early season leaders but Colorado and Oregon have jumped in the mix as well.
"I had a very good visit," Mahina said. "I got out there around 10:30 on Saturday and then we headed straight to the stadium because Oregon had a 12:30 game. We walked around the stadium a little but didn't go on the field or anything because it was too close to game time, we just went and sat in our seats.
"That Oregon crowd is amazing. It's everything people say it is and was easily the loudest stadium I've ever been in. There were times in the game, actually a lot of times in the game, where you couldn't even talk to the person next to you because it was so loud in there.
"I was watching the Oregon offense pretty closely and I like how they use the tight end. They move him around a lot and it's a pretty wide open offense, even if this wasn't one of their better games.
"After the game, we went back in to the locker room and everyone was obviously pretty bummed. You could tell the players were hurting but they still really made me feel welcome and that showed me a lot.
"My hosts on the visit were David Faaeteete and my cousin, Fenuki Tupou. I had a great time with all the guys and love how many Polynesian players they have there. It felt like home and when we were going around Eugene, they even showed us a dormitory that they call the Poly House because it's basically all Polynesians and I thought that was pretty cool.
"Sunday was the day we took all the tours. The campus is great and I like how small Eugene is. Basically, every thing is right there, even the dorms are so close to the campus, you can just wake up and walk across the street and you're in class.
"The facilities there are just sick. I mean the weight room and locker room and everything else there is just unreal. I also had a real good talk with Coach Belotti. He didn't try and pressure me to commit or anything but just talked about Oregon and what a great opportunity I would have if I went there."
As for how the trip compared to his early visit to Colorado.
"Colorado was great but I felt so much more comfortable at Oregon," Mahina said. "Just the overall support the team gets is huge at Oregon. They sell out every game and Oregon football is like the only game in town so everyone just supports it like a pro team. Plus the players on the team are like a family and I felt a lot closer to the guys then I have anywhere else.
"I'm still taking my last two visits, UCLA (Dec. 8) and BYU (Jan. 12). After my last visit, I'll go ahead and make my decision and right now, I really don't have a leader."