Madu is a red-hot prospect

There isn't a hotter prospect in the Midlands Region than Norman, Okla., three-star standout athlete Mossis Madu.
In his first five games, he rushed for 463 yards and also had 158 yards receiving and last week against Choctaw he had 125 yards. His performance on the field continues to draw attention from college coaches, but it looks like it really could be a UCLA and Oklahoma battle for him.
"Oklahoma and UCLA are the two main teams I'm looking at," Madu, who is 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, said. "They're the only two who have come forward with an offer so I'm focused in on them. I've also heard from Central Florida and TCU some. And coach John Blake called me from Nebraska."

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I was talking to coach (Eric) Bieniemy at UCLA about coming for a visit and I think we decided on the Arizona State game November 12th. I talked to coach (Cale) Gundy the other day, too, and I want to set up a visit to Oklahoma, too. I know it is right by me, but I want a chance to hang out with the players and meet everybody. I might visit UCF some time in December, and TCU wants me to visit there."
Madu is starting to formulate and plan of attack when it comes to a timetable for a decision and what he's going to be looking at when the time comes.
"I'll take those visits unless I commit before that time," he said. "I'm not very sure how much longer I want to spend in the process. I want to get the weight off my shoulders. I think about getting it over with every day and sometimes I'm close to doing it. I think I'll probably make my decision some time soon.
"I really don't know which school I'm going to pick. It's so close between the two. That's one reason why I want to take my visits and see where I feel most at home and where I feel I could come in and help early."
So what things will be important?
"I've made a list of things, and I go by that most of the time," he said. "Things like, what would happen if I get hurt? Would I still enjoy myself? Is it a good city? Are there job opportunities after college? I want to go somewhere I can live after I graduate. Then playing time and coaching staff and stuff like that are on the list, too."
Many think that since he's in Oklahoma that the Sooners have a big advantage. Madu said he's not sure if that's true or not.
"My parents, family, and friends are all trying to get me to go to Okahoma, but it is really up to me," he said. "It's me who's going to be playing, so I want to make the best decision I possibly can and if that's not Oklahoma, then it's not. I'm sure everyone will support that decision."