Maddox very impressed with UNC

Three-star safety John Maddox out of Philadelphia (Pa.) West Catholic took his first official visit this weekend to North Carolina. What did the 6-foot-2, 164-pounder think of his trip to Chapel Hill?
"I was hosted by E.J. Wilson and he was pretty cool and I had a good time with him," he said. "I thought the visit was great and they treated me first class. My parents and I asked a lot of questions and they answered them all. I even asked about playing time and they told me I should have a good chance to compete as a freshman. They're not saying definitely, but that's all I can ask.
"On the visit, we took a tour around the campus and talked to the coaches. I got a chance to go on the field during pregame and then E.J. showed me around after the game. The facilities and locker rooms are really nice there."
The No. 25 safety in the country was particularly impressed with the game.
"I thought it was a good game and the defense looked really good," he said. "Offensively they made a couple mistakes that hurt them in the end, but they were good. I thought the fans were good too. They were loud and on their feet the whole time, it was crazy there until the last minute."
Maddox was very impressed with his visit and gave the trip to Chapel Hill a 10.
"For being my first official, they treated me really good and I'm not sure how to compare it, but it was first class," he said. "I'd say they are pretty high on my list, the visit definitely moved them up a lot."
In two weeks, the No. 20 player in Pennsylvania plans to take an official to Michigan State.
"I'm just looking to have a good time out there," he said. "I don't know if they can show me any more than North Carolina did, but if they can I'll give my hat off to them."
John Maddox VideoClick As for other official visits, Maddox is still working on setting up ones to Purdue, Syracuse and either West Virginia or Notre Dame.Here to view this Link.