Maddox is wrapping up camp season

Woodbridge (Va.) Woodbridge Senior offensive tackle Andrew Maddox has nearly wrapped up the camp circuit. The 6-foot-5, 271-pounder is waiting patiently to hear back from schools regarding potential offers.
"This Saturday will be the end of my camp schedule, this last one I'll be at is Richmond," he said. "I've already been to Duke, James Madison, Virginia Tech, NC State, East Carolina and Ohio.
"I talked to all of those coaches and a lot of the bigger ones, the ACC schools say they are still very interested and I'm still on their radar, but they want to wait a bit into my senior season to see how things go from there.
"For the Division I-AA schools, I think they are closer to offering and a lot more interested."
Most recently, Maddox went to Virginia Tech for camp.
"Coach Foster said he thought I did really well," he said. "I actually went back in June, on June 4th and he said I improved a lot since then. He said I looked a lot better, more confident and comfortable. He told me they want to wait and see what some of the guys they have offered do, just like other ACC schools."
While camp trips are nearly done, the two-star prospect is looking into unofficial visits in the near future.
"I've booked a trip to Buffalo for August 5th and I'm not 100% sure when, but I'm going to Western Michigan and I want to head back down to Old Dominion and possibly up to Ohio too around that same time."
Is it fair to say Maddox is going to wait on a decision?
"Right now I think I'm going to wait until the end of August to see where some of these schools stand, if they offer me," he said. "If nothing much is happening with bigger schools, I'll really start thinking about schools that have offered me. As of right now, I'm pretty open and just taking it kind of slow."
Maddox holds offers from Buffalo, Ohio, Old Dominion, VMI and Western Michigan.