MacLean looks back at Georgia Tech visit

Grand Blanc (Mich.) class of 2013 linebacker Luke MacLean spent most of his summer traveling to schools within the Midwest, but he also made a trip south to see Georgia Tech and worked out for the Yellowjacket's coaching staff.
"Georgia Tech is definitely showing a ton of love to me," MacLean said. "I had a visit there about a month ago and their linebackers coach really took a liking to me. I got to sit down with head coach Paul Johnson in his office and we talked a lot. He said I could definitely fit well into their 3-4 defense, playing the middle linebacker."
MacLean was drawn down to Atlanta by the prestige of Georgia Tech's athletic and academic programs. He came away with an even higher impression of the school.

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"I definitely like it there too because they are recruiting me for linebacker, which is different than some schools," MacLean said. "They have a very prestigious school, especially in Business and Technology which are pathways I might want to go into. I'm a big strength and conditioning meathead and I liked their strength and conditioning coach. I like what they are doing down there and really felt at home."
The other trip MacLean made outside the Midwest resulted in the rising juniors first scholarship offer. In June he traveled to Buffalo and worked out for the Bulls at their summer camp.
"I went down and performed well in front of their head coach and linebackers coach.," MacLean said.T"hey extended an offer to me and I was extremely excited. I'd worked very hard all off-season to get that collegiate attention and to get the first offer felt wonderful… but I'm sure there are many more to come."
MacLean also received positive feedback after visits and camps to Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame this summer. Other schools that have been showing strong interest include Iowa, Vanderbilt, Penn State, Northwestern, Kentucky and Toledo. He is now in the process of lining up fall game day visits with several programs.
"Notre Dame and Michigan, I will probably end up going to a couple of theirs," MacLean said. "I might go back out to Buffalo for one of their games. Then, I think I am going to go down to Georgia Tech for the Tech-Georgia game because that is supposed to be their big rivalry and it will probably be really hyped in the stadium."
MacLean currently measures in at 6-3 and 233 pounds. Several of his coaches feel he will continue growing over the next two years, and could eventually grow into a defensive end. College coaches are split on where they see him lining up.
"Plenty of places are recruiting me for defensive end, and I'll play that position," MacLean said. "I will play both positions happily, and right now on my team I play both defensive end and linebacker. I do really like linebacker, but that doesn't mean I won't play a different position at a college."