MacLean discusses recent visits

Grand Blanc linebacker Luke MacLean has proven to be one of the top prospects in the state of Michigan for the 2013 class. The 6-4, 235-pound MacLean has received strong interest from schools in the Midwest and beyond, and has reciprocated that interest by attending several college games this fall.
"I have been to a game every weekend," MacLean said. "I've seen Michigan State twice now, Michigan once and Notre Dame once."
MacLean attended Michigan's home opener, which was rained out, followed by a visit to East Lansing to see the Spartans take on Florida Atlantic.

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"Michigan State has definitely taken a large liking to me," MacLean said. "I've gone down there twice and they said they'd really like to see my four game highlight film. After I get this finished up and send it in to them, I really think I could hear some positive things from. I know with the plays that I have on it, all the schools will be happy with it."
MacLean saw Michigan State play two weekends in a row. He was in South Bend to see Notre Dame host the Spartans this past Saturday.
"It was a great game and I was very happy I got to go down there and visit," MacLean said.
MacLean plans to send his four-game highlight film to the Notre Dame coaching staff by this weekend. Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco and recruiting coordinator Chuck Martin have made MacLean aware they are anxious to view that film, and the Michigan native is hoping to hear a positive response after they receive it.
Each of those three Midwest programs have been sending mail since Sept. 1. Other schools MacLean is hearing regularly from include Oregon, Alabama, Florida State, Boston College, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Pitt, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Indiana and UCLA.
MacLean hopes to continue his streak of attending a college game every weekend, and has plenty of opportunities to choose from.
"Usually it is a last-minute thing deciding which game we'll go to because there are so many games I've been invited to," MacLean said. "If I do go, I will probably go to Michigan or Michigan State seeing as those are closer. I am hoping to go out to Penn State and Iowa at least once this year because they both have taken a large liking to me and been recruiting me pretty heavily. I think it would benefit me if I was able to go out there and visit.
On the field, MacLean has helped lead his team to a 3-1 record this fall. In those four games he has recorded close to 50 tackles, two sacks and five tackles for loss. His size could project to the linebacker or defensive line in college, and MacLean is getting work at both positions this fall.
"I've been playing all over the place," he said. "In some of our formations I play inside, but I'll also come off the edge as an outside 'backer. This week I'll be playing a lot of tight end and I also play d-end in some of our formations."