Macho takes in VTech, UVA is next

Highland Springs, Va. athlete Victor Harris, nicknamed "Macho", was an unofficial visitor last weekend for Virginia Tech's home win against Virginia. This weekend he'll be in Charlottesville for his official visit.
"The game at Virginia Tech was a crazy atmosphere," said the No. 19 player in the nation. "The crowd was crazy, it was as loud as I've heard a crowd. I wasn't rooting for either team though, I can't do that. I like them both."
Harris has an official visit set with Virginia for this weekend. He'll follow that with trips to Virginia Tech (Dec. 10) and Miami (Dec. 17), which will end his official visit tour. However, don't expect an early decision.
"After my visits, I'll take it easy and weigh everything -- let it all sink it," he said. "I probably won't announce until Signing Day."
Harris has already been to Southern Cal and Michigan.
"Those were both great visits," he said. "I'd say the crowd at Virginia Tech was the loudest, Michigan was next and then USC. Michigan is such a big and wide stadium and has more fans spread out, but it was crazy for the MSU game I saw. USC is loud as well, just not as loud as the others."
Will the crowds influence his decision?
"No," he said. "All of them have great fan support. I'm more interested in how they look at cornerback, what the depth chart is like and how I can impact. Right now I'd say I have the best chance of early playing time at Virginia Tech if I had to pick one, but all the schools say I'll play right away anyhow."
Harris expects to be hosted by Marques Hagans this weekend on his UVA visit. He met with Virginia coaches last night at his home and Michigan coaches on Tuesday. Does he have a leader?
"No, I don't," he said. "Location doesn't play a factor because the two teams I liked growing up are Michigan and Miami and I could see myself playing at USC even though it's far. UVA has good players coming in this year and Virginia Tech is a young team doing great, but they don't have an advantage because they're closer."