Macho fits in at USC

Highland Springs, Va. athlete Victor Harris, nicknamed "Macho", took his first official visit of the recruiting year to Southern Cal last weeekend. How did it go?
"I had a really good time out there, I liked LA and Hollywood and the area is beautiful," said the 6-foot-0, 185-pounder. "I was impressed with the coaching staff as well, they were very down-to-earth and coach Carroll wants his player to be like him. He wants them to be laid back for the most part and have fun but get serious when it's time to win."
Harris, who has never been to the west coast, has no concern about the distance.
"It's not too far away," he said. "If it's the right place for me, it's not too far. I spoke a lot to Dwayne Jarrett who is from the east coast. He said he was very homesick at first, but now he's comfortable and really likes it out there. He was a good person to talk to."
Harris was hosted by Alex Holmes and watched the Trojans dismantle Arizona State.
"They looked good," he said. "I watched how they used their cornerbacks and they play bump coverage and drop into zone, which is what I played as a sophomore so I was able to follow it closely."
Up next for Macho is an official visit to Michigan on Oct. 29. He'll follow that with visits to Virginia (Dec. 3), Virginia Tech (Dec. 10) and Miami (Dec. 17). An unofficial visit to Maryland is possible, but is looking less and less likely each week.
"I don't have a leader, but I'm looking forward to comparing future visits to USC," he said. "It was a positive experience."