Lyons enjoys official visit to Ohio State

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Woodland Hills wide receiver Wesley Lyons took his third official visit of the season to Ohio State this weekend as he met up with his brother Devon who is on the Buckeyes. The 6-foot-6, 203-pounder with 4.6-second speed knew what to expect in Columbus, but had a good time anyway.
"I basically knew everything there, but I enjoyed being with my brother, the players and coaches," he said. "I was hosted by my brother and we had a great time. On the visit, I went to the game and then afterwards I went out to eat and hung out with my brother. Today I met up with the coaches after breakfast and talked to them for a while. The thing I liked the most though was talking to the players because they are all cool. I know most of them."
The three-star prospect has been to Buckeye games before, but he got a chance to see a good contest between Michigan State and Ohio State.
"It was a great game and a big win for Ohio State. The turning point was when they blocked the field goal," he said. "The atmosphere was great, but I knew about all that since I've been to the games before. I thought Santonio Holmes played really well and he scored a couple touchdowns. That was very impressive and I got to see what I could do out there since he plays my position."
Lyons was able to spend a lot of time with the coaching staff.
"I already know they want me, but I really liked talking to coach Tressel," he said. "He'll tell you how it is and he's a good guy. I enjoyed my time with coach Daniels too. He's funny and has a good sense of humor."
Overall the No. 63 receiver in the country rated his trip to Ohio State a nine.
"I had fun with the coaches and players. Being up there to see my brother was really cool too," he said. "I still would say Boston College and West Virginia are my favorites, but Ohio State is up there.
"Compared to the other visits, my trip to Ohio State was pretty good. Last weekend at Boston College was a bad day and rainy while it was a great day for football yesterday. I had more fun hanging out with my brother at Ohio State than I did on my visit to Boston College. As for West Virginia, I don't know how to compare them because I had fun at both."
Lyons plans to take his last two official visits after the season.
Wesley Lyons VideoClick "I think Minnesota might be one of them," he said. "I like the coaches there especially coach Lockwood because he's pretty cool. I like that they have a competitive team and play hard against everyone. They have a chance to win every game they play and their coach is fun and exciting. I'm not sure who's in line for the last official."Here to view this Link.