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Two finalists, one visit left and a decision next week for Dixon

Lyn-J Dixon was committed to Tennessee until he re-opened his recruitment back in October. Since that time, Dixon has given a number of schools looks, but he has decided to cut his list to two schools and to sign during the early signing period next week.

"I am down to Oklahoma State and Clemson," said Dixon. "Those are my final two schools. I have already taken my official visit to Clemson and I will be visiting Oklahoma State this weekend.

"That will be it for me. It came down to who was actually showing me the most interest and who showed me that I am wanted. It was those two schools."

Dixon's plan is to visit Stillwater, return home and commit next Tuesday before signing on December 20, the first day of the early signing period.

Less than a week ago, Dixon was leaning towards waiting until February to sign. Things changed rather quickly.

What pushed the running back out of Butler (Ga.) Taylor County to accelerate his decision was the fear of losing his spot. He knows many will sign next week and he did not want to lose his spot.


The Cowboys will have their shot to convince they are the program for Dixon this weekend. He likes what he sees on television and he likes what he has heard from the coaches. Now he wants to take a closer look at things.

"I am going out to Oklahoma State for my official visit Friday and I just want to see what it is like out there. I want to see how the atmosphere it, how the coaches and players interact with each other and things like that.

"I know I like their offense, how they produce players and how they develop guys, so I just need to see how it feels on their campus now."

The only school Dixon has visited officially is Clemson, the other finalist. That took place a couple of weeks ago and it couldn't have gone any better.

"It just feels like family up there at Clemson," said Dixon. "The coaches create a great atmosphere. It is almost like a bunch of second dads for me up there. The players and coaches are so close.

"I love the people there and how everyone is honest and real. I had a great time."

Dixon would not drop any hints on if one school had the lead a week before he signs with the Tigers or Cowboys, but a lot appears to be riding on this weekend. We know he loved his visit to Clemson and that he is very familiar with that program.

Can Mike Gundy beat out Dabo Swinney for this Peach State playmaker? We will all find out soon.