Loves injury forces change of visit plans

Dallas (Texas) Carter offensive guard Demarcus Love is a realist. He knows exactly what to expect from college coaches and he just wants to hear the truth on his future.
After suffering an injury towards the end of the regular season, the 6-foot-5, 260-pound Texas prospect has had to watch his teammates prepare for the playoffs without him. Though he is planning on being back for the later games, he knows that they're surviving without him. At the same time, he was supposed to be heading to UTEP for his first official visit, but didn't make the trip.
"We rescheduled my UTEP trip for Nov. 18 because they had set it and I wanted to make sure I was out of my cast and walking," Love said. "Kansas has offered now, so I'm going to see them on Jan. 7. Arizona is still also going to be on Jan. 13."

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With the four offers in hand, Love is definitely ready to get on the road and see the schools.
"It will be my first visit at UTEP, so we'll see how it goes," Love said. "Hopefully I can take all of them, but there is a real big chance I won't take every single one. I could just commit."
"I want to have the coaches tell me the truth. I know every offensive lineman redshirts, but I want to make sure by my sophomore or junior year I can play."
While recruiting gets heated up, it's obvious in Love's voice that he wants to be out there with his team.
"Hopefully I can still be out there with them soon," he said. "They're still averaging 40 points a game or something like that. They're not hurting. As long as they have Michael Crabtree, we'll be just fine."