Love high on SEC school

There is a clear leading school for Rivals250 outside linebacker Jermaine Love.
The 6-foot, 220-pound Love was planning to take a trip to Arkansas for the Tennessee game, but is now looking at an official visit to Fayetteville for the LSU game on Nov. 24. The SEC school currently leads the way.
"Arkansas is really high on my list – that's my No. 1 team right now," Love said. "Right behind them at No. 2 is Nebraska."
Love says that there are a variety of things that he likes about Arkansas. A lot of it has to do with comfort and a connection to the program.
"I feel like when I talk to them and I hear things about them, it's always a good feeling," Love said. "I know they don't have an NFL team there and it's all about the team. I haven't been there, but I heard they have a really good atmosphere.
"Their receiver Reggie Fish, I played against him when I was a sophomore and he really likes it there. It's a place I feel good about. I need to visit them and see for myself."
Nebraska, his No. 2 school, has already hosted Love on a visit. That trip impressed the North Texas defender.
"I feel like I'm here in Garland and I'm at home when I'm up there," Love said about Nebraska. "It's a great atmosphere too and it's really crazy how nice the people are."
Love has also taken official visits to Kansas State and still has a tentative trip planned for Iowa State on Dec. 8, but that appears to be up in the air.
He also has scholarship offers at Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Washington State, and TCU.