Love adds even more offers

Things just keep getting better for North Garland (Texas) linebacker Jermaine Love. Big programs like Texas and Oklahoma have been hot on his trail but several other programs have turned verbal scholarship offers into written ones.
Coach David Ferris says that his motor is what has college coaches showing him boat loads of attention and giving him new offers by the day. The 6-foot, 200-pounder has a collection of written offers that started with Kansas State and Washington State, but now includes Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, TCU, and Nebraska.
"TCU and Nebraska have told us that it's in the mail," Ferris said. "The other ones we've got in our hands now."
Ferris says that Oklahoma has made a verbal offer to Love but has yet to sent a written one yet because of their current situation. Texas is also interested, but due to their rising number of commits, Ferris explained that they're still evaluating.
"With the number of commitments Texas has, they're juggling things and Jermaine knows that," Ferris said. "Oklahoma doesn't have a ton of offers to give out, so they're really looking at everybody right now."
Along with his teammate and wide receiver Hubert Anyiam, Ferris says he's not surprised with either getting recruited heavily.
"Jermaine is a great physical talent," Ferris said. "The one single thing, as far as what other coaches are looking for that he has, is his level of intensity. The kid goes 100 miles per hour and never takes a play off. He's very intense. That's a pretty special quality to be able to play at all the time."
Anyiam, the 6-foot, 163-pound receiver, along with Love, are open to all the schools recruiting them.