Louisiana brothers pick up SEC offer

In the talent-deep state of Louisiana, there are always players that slip through the cracks and emerge late in the process. Though it is still Spring, and early in the recruiting process, two players that are past due for recruiting attention are brothers Myron Walker and Jarvis Walker.
Early in May, that attention finally started to arrive and the brothers picked up their first offer from Kentucky.
Jarvis, a 6-foot-3 200 pound safety who can hit and run was happy to get the ball rolling.
"It was kind of nervous getting my first offer," Jarvis said. "I get kind of confused not knowing what I have to do with it. I think it's a great tradition they have over there. They always win and they play in the SEC. I feel like it's a great opportunity but you still gotta look and see what else is out there."
Myron, the bigger and older of the two brothers, plays defensive tackle at 6-foot-3, 275 pounds. The two combine to dominate the first second and third levels of the defense at Rummel High School and they have thought about playing together in college.
"We're looking at playing together but we also have to decide what's best for us individually," Jarvis said.
Beyond Kentucky, the two brothers are hearing from Auburn, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama and Nebraska. Myron said that a few of those schools will receive visits from the brothers this summer for camp.
"We're planning on going to camps and training this summer," Myron said. "I think we're going to Auburn, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky and a couple camps like that."
As players, both Myron and Jarvis are impact prospects on defense and have a lot to offer including size and athleticism at their respective positions.
"I think I'm a versatile football player but my hips are too slow and I want to get quicker feet," Jarvis said. "I think I'm good right now but I think there's a lot more I can do."
"I think I have a good nose for finding the ball," commented the 275-pound Myron. "I know how much work it takes and how much love it takes to be the greatest."
As far as the schools that the two grew up cheering for, Jarvis says that he is more of a fan of a conference than a specific school.
"I'm pretty much an SEC fan," he said. "Any big school in the SEC I would love to play for. I'm looking at how close it is to home and how the academics are because you can't go anywhere without academics. You want to get away from home but not too far."
As the Walker brothers' film continues to circulate, look for more offers to continue to pour in.