Louis-Jean rethinking things

In the wake of Randy Shannon's firing as head coach of the Miami football program one of the Hurricanes' top commitments from the Class of 2011 is rethinking his decision.
Albert Louis-Jean remains committed to Miami for the time being, but his father, Albert Louis-Jean Sr., clarified that and made it clear that his future is far from certain.
"He's disappointed and dejected," Louis-Jean's father said on Sunday afternoon.

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"Things are kind of up in the air right now. Obviously the Miami situation is not solid anymore. We don't know who the coach is going to be and we don't know where he stands. Who knows whether the person that's hired even wants you anymore? It's just a disappointing situation going forward."
The elder Louis-Jean said he and his son will probably not reach out to anyone at the university right away. He said the family will monitor news reports on Miami's coaching search and wait to hear about developments as they come along.
The four-star prospect has an official visit to Miami scheduled for December 10 and for now those plans remain unchanged.
"They do have an interim coach, Jeff Stoutland, the offensive line coach," his father continued. "I'm assuming the university is still going to have him for the official visit."
While decommitting is not in the cards, at least right away, Louis-Jean and his family will definitely be watching the situation at Miami very closely.
"He has not officially opened things back up but Randy Shannon and the rest of the staff at Miami played a huge role in me as a parent being comfortable with his decision and committing so early and it being a done deal," Louis-Jean's father said.
"Obviously those things have changed. In terms of a decommitment, in reality it's a situation where you don't even know if you're committed right now. Schools across the country have offered him telling they want him at this position or that position but we don't know where he will stand with the new coach. It's tough to think that way before getting to meet the new coach."
Louis-Jean took an official visit to Penn State this weekend and the trip went well according to his father. The family has spent a lot of time at Penn State before, so it wasn't a new experience but it was an opportunity to see the school and the program in an up close way.
"It was definitely a positive experience," he continued. "There are great people there and great people in place. It's an excellent school. We've been there a couple of times. He's been there a few times and I've been there.
"We knew a lot about the program already. We got a more in-depth tour of the place but it wasn't anything new. A lot of places in the country have a lot of positive things about them, too."
Louis-Jean has already taken an official visit to Boston College. He has his scheduled trip to Miami and two remaining open visits available. He is unsure of what he will do with those trips at this point.