Lorig to take last two visits

Rolling Hills (Calif.) Peninsula tight end Erik Lorig has finished up three of his official visits and will still take two more before it's decision time.
Lorig, 6-4, 250 pounds is one of the premier two way standouts in the west region and has taken official visits to Cal, USC and UCLA in the last month in a half.
"Honestly, all the trips were great, no one really stood out from the others," Lorig said. "I wish it was easier but all three are great schools and that's why I'm so committed to taking my last two visits before I'm ready to make my decision.

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"If I had to name a leader right now, it would probably be Cal and USC but UCLA, Notre Dame and Stanford are still very much in it. I'm taking a visit to Stanford (Jan. 7) and Notre Dame (Jan. 14). I've talked to the coaches on both staffs and Coach Weis at Notre Dame has been calling me once a week and I really like him. He's kind of old school and just tells it like it is. He said he's kind of out of the Bill Parcells mold and that's fine with me.
"Right now, my plan is to just to take all the visits, have a few more home visits and then once I've gathered all the information, I'll sit down and try and pick a school. I don't think I can go wrong. Cal and USC are very strong right now and I think the other three are building something. Both appeal to me, I think it would be kind of cool to be a part of a program that rises up as well as going to a program that is already there."