Look out for Mayfield 2008 duo

Cleveland (Ohio) Mayfield is home to two 2008 prospects to watch in linebacker Ashante Mockabee and wide receiver C.C. Smith. Both are talented prospects that should get some looks according to Mayfield head coach Larry Pinto.
The 5-foot-10, 190-pound Mockabee had an impressive sophomore year accounting for 75 tackles.
"Ashante started as a sophomore for us and showed an ability to play linebacker and strong safety," he said. "He is a very explosive kid that makes tackles and has a tremendous jumping ability. Overall he is a very muscular player that could still could grow some more.
"He is also a good student with a solid work ethic. He plays three sports including football, basketball and track and is obviously an excellent athlete. Though he is good in the other sports, Ashante wants to play football in college."
The 6-foot-3, 175-pound Smith played junior varsity for most of his sophomore year with the Wildcats hauling in 18 touchdowns.
"He played only a little bit of varsity for us at the end of the season, but on the scouting team he tore us up. We were really loyal to seniors last year which resulted in him not seeing the field much once he made the transition to varsity," Pinto said. "I truly think he's going to be a very good player next year and teams are going to check him out because of his size.
"He'll be a player since it is now his turn to shine. I see him being that go to guy for us. He has a lot of upside with his size, but also has good hands. His dad is tall and I could definitely see C.C. gain another inch or two before he leaves high school."