Long Time Coming For Palmyra

Joe Brockington hails from Palmyra, Pennsylvania, where he plans to be the first person from his high school in more than 50 years to go on to play college football.
Brockington is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound middle linebacker who has also recently been recruited to play running back. And while playing offense is intriguing, Brockington knows his future is on defense.
“Vanderbilt and some other schools want me to play offense, but most [schools] want me to play defense.” Brockington went on to say, “I’d rather play defense, but I’ll play offense if that’s what I get recruited for. I prefer defense because you’re right in there making the hit, as opposed to being hit.”
Brockington is well on his way to reaching his goal of playing college football, having already received scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Maryland, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Indiana, and the University of Connecticut.
“I’m also talking to Michigan State, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Duke, Virginia, Iowa, Penn State, Boston College, and Purdue,” Brockington noted.
When asked what he was looking for in a school, Brockington commented, “I’m looking for a good academic school that will help me be able to get a job when I graduate. I also want to go to a bowl game.”
Geographically, Brockington notes, “I’d prefer to leave Pennsylvania and I would like to go to school somewhere down south.”
Brockington excels off the field as well, where he has achieved a 3.4 GPA. He recently took the SAT and scored a 930.
While previously, Brockington was planning on committing before this fall’s football season began, he now says, “Right now, I’m not really sure whether I am going to commit before or after.”
Brockington plans to visit as many schools as possible this summer in preparation for making his decision. He has already visited Pittsburgh, Maryland, and West Virginia, but doesn’t have any leaders as of yet. This summer, he only plans to attend the camp with his team, but may do workouts with some of the other schools he is visiting. Brockington’s decision to attend summer camp with his football team reflects his emphasis on leadership and team play– even though he will likely be the only member of his team to play college football. After all, 50 years is a long time to go between D1A recruits.
Brockington also plays basketball, where he is a multi-talented player who excels at many positions. However, he has no plans to continue playing in college, instead choosing to put the emphasis on football, and of course academics.
Brockington has been playing football since fourth grade. He knows what football can bring him – monetarily as well as well as emotionally and physically.
“Football has taught me discipline….and also made it a lot easier for me to go to college, because it will be paid for.”
When asked to describe himself, Brockington hesitated, but then remarked, “I’m kind of shy, I’m a totally different person off the field than I am on the field. I’m more of a nice person off the field.”
Clearly, as a big-hitting middle linebacker, it is best for the team for him to leave his manners on the sidelines. Brockington does however; bring the memory of his late grandfather on the field each time he plays.
“I wear a tape around my right arm in memory of my grandfather who passed away last year,” Brockington remarked.
Brockington will enter his senior season this fall and he will be busy juggling the conflicting demands of academics, football, and preparation for college. However, his past abilities to excel both on and off the field should help him this fall.