Long plans to see USC, UCLA soon

David Long is well-versed on the local programs since he's been to UCLA and USC games, his coach at Los Angeles Loyola, Marvin Sanders, used to coach for the Trojans and classmates have gone to those schools.
So far, UCLA has offered. USC has not but the Trojans are definitely interested and it could be only a few games into his junior season when USC comes through with one.
"I've talked with Tee Martin," Long said. "I was just speaking with Christian Rector after he committed and they were talking about me. Pretty much they just want to see a few games. I'm really good with their staff. Coach (Peter) Sirmon's son goes to our school so that's pretty big.

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"I'm really familiar with their staff and also considering my coaching staff a lot of guys came from SC so I'm really familiar with them."
So far, the 2016 three-star athlete has been offered by Arizona, Arizona State, Miami, Nebraska, New Mexico, UCLA, Utah, Washington and Washington State.
Mainly, Long has been focused on his upcoming junior season at Loyola - he will be playing both ways - and while it's been quiet recently there is also some new interest from a Big 10 powerhouse.
"Practice has been going great," Long said. "We're just getting ready for Week 1. Mainly I'm going to be at wide receiver and cornerback.
"I haven't heard too much but I've gotten a lot of mail recently from Michigan State."
The 2016 prospect is planning some local trips this season and he's hoping for one big unofficial visit later in the year. There's no doubt Long will see a lot of the Trojans and Bruins in the coming months.
"I'm definitely going to attend as many USC and UCLA games as I can just like last year," Long said. "I'm trying to go somewhere out-of-state during my bye week but I have to talk that over with my coach.
"I know after the season I'll definitely be taking some trips. It's too early for favorites. That's why I'm trying to get out and see some different things so I can kind of have some things in mind."