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Lone Star Predictions: Where will top 2018 Texas prospects land?

Anthony Cook

Class of 2018, now it’s your turn.

Texas is home to some of the country’s top talent and programs from around the country are already fighting for the commitments of those recruits. With a long way to go before final decisions are made, here’s an early prognosis of where some top prospects could end up.

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Cook is nearly unanimously considered as the top cornerback in Texas, and in many cases top defensive back overall in the state. Now that he is more of a widely scouted prospect, his options have grown considerably when it comes to his preference in programs. With an energy from the new staff at Texas, the Longhorns can’t be discounted. After close friend Jeffrey Okudah’s commitment and long-standing relationship with Ohio State from last year, the Buckeyes have become a serious contender for his commitment as well. Of course, the connection LSU has in East Texas also has an appeal with him. The darkhorse here may be Baylor if the Bears prove to be a steady program next season, as he had a strong interest there prior to the previous staff reaching lame-duck status.

Way too early prediction: Ohio State


Many of the same teams that are pursuing Cook are in play for Foster as well, who is coming back from a significant knee injury he sustained last season. His top five consists of LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas and TCU, with many thinking the Longhorns are the pick. Two of the earliest teams involved in his recruitment were Houston (under then-head coach Tom Herman) and TCU, so those established relationships could prove to be a determining factor. Even though Foster seems to fit the profile of an LSU-type of defensive back and a personality that would seem to mesh with Jim Harbaugh, Foster has a more laid-back approach to his recruitment and may just stick with what he knows best.

Way too early prediction: Texas

Woodard never gets too high or too low when it comes to demeanor. After an early group of interested teams made offers last year, he’s seen another spike in recent weeks when it comes to offers, but it’s tough to tell where he’s at when it comes to wanting to make his decision. As more teams take a harder look – and will take another as spring continues – there is sure to be more action with him soon. He’s amid junior day appearances. He was recently at Texas A&M’s event and should be expected to be at Texas’ upcoming function as well, but things still seem wide open with him.

Way too early prediction: Oklahoma State

Physically, Eagles is arguably the best-looking prospect at his position in this class – and that’s not just talking about Texas, that’s nationally. Eagles has also been receiving a major amount of interest from programs around the country, and really has his pick of the litter. Things could go a number of ways for him, but he’s expressed interest in wanting to stay relatively close to home and his family. He recently told Rivals that he’s intrigued by a possible turnaround at Baylor, but he seems to have a more enthusiastic point-of-view when it comes to Oklahoma or Texas. Like Foster does as a defensive back, Eagles has a natural resemblance to the type or receiver LSU seems to recruit well.

Way too early prediction: Oklahoma


Wright is an exciting prospect as a relentless pass-rushing strongside defensive end. He’s athletic enough to play running back on his high school team and could just as easily be mega-disruptive 3-4 defensive end. The variety of his offers reflect his versatility, but at his core, he’s a big body that is going to find his way to the quarterback. The Aggies are an easy target as an early favorite because: 1.) His best friend is 2017 Aggies commit Cameron Horry, 2.) Proximity, and 3.) He seems a natural fit for the Texas A&M defensive line. None of those factors make A&M a lock, but it’s certainly a jumping-off point.

Way too early prediction: Texas A&M


Green is just a natural defensive back that can effectively play anywhere in the secondary. That seems to be what many teams have seen in him going back to early last season, and like the others on this list, he’s recently seen an uptick in interested programs. Despite national offers, for now it feels very much as though he is also going to stay close to home as well. He’s already been to nearby Texas A&M for the Aggies’ junior day and will likely be at the Longhorns’ event as well. He had considered making an appearance at TCU’s recent event, but wasn’t among the other top DBs that made it out at the end of last month.

Way too early prediction: Texas A&M


For a while, it seemed as though the Sooners were the early preference for Preston - and Oklahoma could still very much be in the running - but a month ago Preston confirmed that Texas A&M and LSU are two teams that would certainly be in a top five if he was making the decision right away. Preston isn’t as tall as Eagles, but is a little thicker and every bit as athletic. He too seems like an ideal LSU recruit and with a clear mutual interest, the Tigers could very well be the secret early leader.

Way too early prediction: LSU