Logan Thomas is ready to cut his list

Four-star athlete Logan Thomas is planning to cut his list on Thursday, July 10th. The 6-foot-6, 233-pounder already knows a couple schools that will make the cut as he inches closer to a decision.
"I'm trying to go to Clemson soon, Orlando for a Rivals event and I'm trying to get out to Virginia Tech," he said. "The only one I know for sure is the event at Rivals on the 19th, 20th and 21st.
"I have no clue when Clemson and Virginia Tech will be. I may be able to work things out and make it to Virginia Tech this weekend for their second camp. I don't know though."
Thomas is prepared to announce his cut list.
"I pretty much know who it is, but I'm going to wait until the 10th to announce it,' he said. "I'm going to cut it down to five, six or seven."
The Rivals100 prospect mentioned plans to visit Clemson and Virginia Tech. Is it safe to say they made the cut?
"They have," he said. "I just feel comfortable with those schools, that's why they are in there."