Logan Thomas decides

Five-star athlete Logan Thomas has come to a decision. The No. 26 prospect in the nation and No. jumbo athlete in the country made his selection earlier tonight between his final five, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Wake Forest and North Carolina.
"I committed to Virginia Tech," he stated. "I felt more comfortable at Virginia Tech over any other school. One of the big factors for me is that they want to use me at wide receiver and out in the slot. They want to spread me out.
"I really felt more comfortable and felt like the skill set would be better suited to me as a wide receiver as opposed to tight end. That is what everyone else wanted me to be and I have never blocked in my life. I've blocked as a receiver, but I feel more comfortable with the ball in my hands. I think I'll be more effective if I stay at a lower weight and do wide receiver instead of bulking up unnaturally to 260 or 270-pounds."
Further factors played into the Rivals100 prospect's choice.
"I really liked Coach Stinespring quite a bit," he said. "They have talked about quarterback as well for me in certain circumstances and formations. I'm not against that at all. I don't want to be a quarterback full time, but I don't think it'll be bad in specific packages."
Thomas is relieved to have the decision behind him.
"The recruiting process was very tiring," he said. "At first it was fun, but the last month I was tired of all the phone calls and visits. I liked a lot of schools, but in the end Virginia Tech is my favorite."
What about his cousin, early Rivals250 defensive end Zack McCray?
"I'd love to have Zack follow me to Virginia Tech," he said. "Zack is far from a decision. It would be great to play with my cousin."