Loeb picks the Orangemen

Groton (Mass.) Lawrence Academy quarterback Charley Loeb picked up an offer earlier this week from Syracuse. Before wrapping up his official this weekend, the 6-foot-4, 218-pounder gave his pledge the Orangemen.
"I committed this morning to Syracuse," he said. "I talked to Coach Marrone and Spence.
"They seemed really excited. I think Coach Smith was relieved to get a quarterback, they have been looking for a quarterback for awhile. I made him really happy that he finally settled that position for this class."
The visit was big in Loeb's choice. What was it about the trip that he liked?
"I loved the visit," he said. "Most importantly was the staff, Marrone and Spence, those guys are so efficient and have a strong background and character. They definitely are leading the program in the right direction, I have no doubt in my mind about that.
"I really think this program can get turned around and start winning ball games. The players are on it too. Everybody is working hard to prove themselves. One other thing that impressed me was their weight room. That facility is incredible and it's an amazing academic school too."
As far as playing time, Loeb will get his chances once he arrives this summer.
"They told me this was the best opportunity to walk in and compete since everybody is on an even playing field," he said. "Everyone is new and the only disadvantage for me is spring ball."